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New Year More Blogging

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    Jacob Aronoff

2018 Blog Updates and Plans

Hello! This year I'm planning on blogging way more than I have in the past with a bunch of updates to come. In 2018, I'm starting my first Coop at Datadog in NYC. I'm really excited to go back for a multitude of reasons; really important work, a lot to learn, NYC is awesome, more exploration to be done! In addition to all the NYC stuff, I'm planning on blogging more about tech, food, and marvel.


There a couple of projects I'm planning on working on, and I'm really excited to tackle them head on. I'll be going back to Datadog, which means more work in Golang and Python using stuff like Cassandra, Kafka, ElasticSearch, and Kubernetes. On the side, I'm going to be doing some work for DaisyDebt, an organization that helps families who have been targeted by predatory debt collectors, their stack is a lot of ruby, so that's going to be an interesting change of pace. On the side, I'm going to be working on an iOS app and Golang backend for an idea I've had for a while, I'll be blogging about that more once I start working on it though. There's a chance that I'm also going to rewrite this blog in Gatsby with a new design. But that may not happen until I go back to school next semester.


While in NYC, I'm planning on going to a new restaurant at least once a week, if not more!! Because a bunch of people have asked me in the past, I'm going to keep track of where I've been, what I've had, and what I liked most on my blog. I don't want it to be a super pretentious thing, so it's going to be very minimal, which is probably for the best. I'm going to have one main post with an ongoing list of where I've been with links to the relevant articles. I may also add in some options for sorting, who knows.


For those who know me IRL, you know that I'm HUGE into the marvel cinematic universe (MCU.) I'm planning on watching every single piece of content in the MCU leading up to Infinity War. I created a little python program here to keep track of my watching. I think I'm also going to be blog for every major milestone in my watching (every movie, every season, maybe not the one shots.)

Really excited to get stated on all of this work!!