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  • Captain America
  • Agent Carter Season 1
  • Agent Carter One Shot
  • Agent Carter Season 2
  • Iron Man
  • Iron Man 2
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • The Consultant
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Thor's Hammer
  • Thor
  • Avengers
  • Item 47
  • Iron Man 3
  • All Hail The King
  • Thor: The Dark World
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Daredevil Season 1
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
  • Jessica Jones Season 1
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • WHIH Ant-Man relevant things
  • Ant-Man
  • Daredevil Season 2
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3
  • Luke Cage Season 1
  • WHIH Civil War relevant things
  • Captain America: Civil War
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4
  • Iron Fist Season 1
  • Doctor Strange
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming
  • The Defenders Season 1
  • Inhumans
  • Thor: Ragnarok
  • The Punisher Season 1
  • Runaways Season 1
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5
  • Black Panther
  • Jessica Jones Season 2


  1. Iron Man

  2. Spider-Man: Homecoming

  3. Captain America: Civil War

  4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  5. Guardians of the Galaxy

  6. Daredevil Season 1

  7. Black Panther

  8. Iron Man 3

  9. Thor: Ragnarok

  10. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

  11. The Punisher Season 1

  12. Daredevil Season 2

  13. Jessica Jones Season 1

  14. Avengers: Age of Ultron

  15. Luke Cage Season 1

  16. Captain America

  17. Avengers

  18. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5

  19. All Hail the King

  20. Ant-Man

  21. Runaways Season 1

  22. Doctor Strange

  23. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4

  24. The Defenders Season 1

  25. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3

  26. Agent Carter Season 1

  27. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1

  28. Thor: The Dark World

  29. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2

  30. Thor

  31. Item 47

  32. WHIH Ant-Man relevant things

  33. A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Thor's Hammer

  34. The Incredible Hulk

  35. Iron Man 2

  36. Agent Carter Season 2

  37. Jessica Jones Season 2

  38. Iron Fist Season 1

  39. The Consultant

  40. WHIH Civil War relevant things

  41. Agent Carter One Shot

  42. Inhumans

Short Short Reviews

Captain America

You have to love the first Captain America movie, the premise is one of the best: let's make a super soldier to fight Hitler and the Nazis. The movie is a great introduction to the MCU as well; it shows us the begginnings of SHIELD, the start of the Avengers conflict, the start of HYDRA, and most importantly the first INFINITY stone!!! Something I forgot about this movie was how pure and good Steve Rogers is. It does a good job of showing that Rogers always has his head on straight even without powers. It's almost the opposite of Tony Stark's beginning. Tony is kinda everywhere until he finds his purpose with the creation of Iron Man.

Agent Carter Season 1

People have plenty of complaints about Agent Carter, but I actually really enjoyed the show. Unlike a lost of episodes of Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter's first seasons feels very connected in a very good way. Agent Carter also doesn't fall in to the trap of many other comic book shows of having a bunch of unneccesary episodes that add very little to the plot (@Arrow, @Flash.) Agent Carter, I feel, is a really interesting look into the pre-superhero era of the world, also the rampant sexism of the SSR, which Peggy Carter does a great job of being SUPER badass nonetheless. We also see a glimpse into black widow's upbringing in the USSR. A lot of this show is done right; killing off characters happens more than usual.

Agent Carter One Shot

This one shot was ehhhh as a result of it just feeling disconnected from everything. A theory I saw which made the whole thing WAY better was if the one shot were actually a propaganda film directed by Howard Stark in 50s. If this is actually a propaganda film, it would be AWESOME. Just a thing to show to new SSR or SHIELD members, how badass Peggy Carter is, and how sexism is not to be tolerated in this environment.

Agent Carter Season 1

Agent carter season 2 had its ups and downs. It felt like it left a bit too much to the imagination, and a lot of loose ends. What happened to dottie? What's going to happen to Wilkes? What was the key for? The first season felt very succint in a lot of ways, and the second season left too much unanswered and too many plot holes. It would have been cool if they also explained the Zero Matter more, or maybe put in the context of the future Inhumans / Kree / Terragenesis. Overall, it was ehhhh

Iron Man

This is one of my favorite Marvel movies to date. It's always in everyone's top 3 favorite Marvel movies, and it's definitely in mine. It's the move that started it all. Each part of the movie feels so good and RDJ IS SO perfect as tony stark it's crazy.

Iron Man 2

There are some parts of Iron Man 2 that feel great and others that feel eh. It would have been better if they got a bit darker/ deeper with the connection between Venko and Stark (both the parents and their children), it probably would have created a better final battle. The final battle was also a bit underwhelming, they could have made it a bit more epic. Also the destruction that was happening in the park was a bit underplayed, and it would have been good if they mentioned things like injuries and other side effects of the battle. It would definitely have made Tony a better character in the overall MCU, it would have really contributed more to his regret and character choices in the later movies (i.e. Ultron and Civil war.)

The Incredible Hulk

I actually don't love this movie, the acting is ehhhh, and most of the tie ins are just Thaddeus Ross and SHIELD stuff, but even then it's just so aside from the plot it doesn't really seem that great. Also, I get annoyed by the fights in general, they just aren't that well coreographed/ planned out, and the Hulk's portrayal is only okay.

The Consultant

The consultant was a cool way to introduce us to Sitwell, and also it was cool to see Tony Stark again being used by SHIELD. Other than that, it only okay, it just felt unneccesary.

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Thor's Hammer

Loved this one shot! It just showed Coulson being a bad ass person who really knows what to do in a tense situation. Coulson just keeps everything calm and underwraps, and carry's himself perfectly.


I thought Thor was pretty good, it wasn't the best kind of goofy thor (@Ragnarok) but it was well lightharted, and introduced Thor really well, better than Hulk for sure. It was also great to see all of Coulson's busy week tied together neatly. Thor also introduced more of the MCU lore which I always love learning about.


Avengers was awesome, from start to finish it felt so succint. The way the different members of team interact feels very genuine; they all kinda hate each other to start. All throughout the movie they don't even get closer with one another. The only time they're a team is right when they need to be. When they finally get together, they realize that oh we're all on the same side. Little things that happen here and there are great; the little interactions between the side characters, and the mentions of some of what's to come. I like how they actually show Tony get hit to the ground right next to the shawarma place, which is why later he mentions it. I really like the interactions between Cap and Tony for a multitude of reasons. But basically, they are ALWAYS at each other's throats going after each other's core, but really only Tony is the one who changes. Cap calls tony out for only being in it for himself, and later he does the most selfless thing possible saving millions, not for the fame, but because it was the right thing.

Item 47

This was a great little one shot, it used all of the characters that we're introduced and showed us what it was like being a part of the aftermath cleanup. It also showed that SHIELD is monitoring everything that's happening in the world. I like how they also just recruit talented people. The whole use of action sequences was really interesting. Overall it was probably the best one shot yet.

Iron Man 3

I love iron man 3 because its just shear nerdiness and obsession. Throughout the movie we see Tony going through what is basically PTSD from his traumatic experience and handling it pretty poorly. I love how we just get to really know tony more personally than ever before. This also acts as an amazing end to Tony's trilogy; we really get a sense of his journey and it does a great job of setting up his character for Ultron, Spiderman, and Civil War.

All Hail The King

Loved this one shot because oh my god Ben Kingsley is just an amazing actor. We just got to see another corner of the world, and a continuation of the ten rings! I would love to see a movie where spiderman faces the ten rings as a continuation of Tony's legacy.

Thor: The Dark World

Thor 2 was pretty good, better than the first. You could tell that the interactions and story line was better connected than last time. I also liked how we got more of an intro to the universe as a whole. It was also cool how Jane was more relevant in this story unlike other side characters in the past. Highlights: Sif and the warriors three. I loved all of their interactions and heroism throughout the movie, and would love to see a spin off of just their adventures.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1

Agents of Shield was actually way better than i thought it was going to be. There was some corny-ness here and there, but overall I actually enjoyed it. Each episode felt important to the whole story of Shield as a whole. I think the highlight though is the break that winter soldier caused. It would have been cooler if they had done it a bit later in the show so that we felt more attached to the main characters, and the twists and turns in the episode were better.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Loved this movie. SO much. I think that this was one of the best in the Captain America series. The whole plot of the movie, just the multitude of lies on top of secrets, etc. was done so well. I also like how connected it was to the rest of the universe. I think my favorite part was seeing agent Sitwell getting thrown off the building as our intro to Falcon. It got me more excited to see the rest of Agents of Shield. I also liked the post credits and their intro to what we're going to see in the shows and in Ultron.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2

Season 2 was pretty good, but it was made ehhh by the flip flopping of the character relationships. One minute the characters love each other, next they hate each other. They keep making the same mistakes over and over again. The best parts of the show were Skye, Coulson and Fitz. But I really didn't like the parts with Bobbi and Mack. The whole "real SHIELD" twist felt like an unneccesary plot point and disrupted the swing of everything else happening. It would have been way better if they were together for everything. The episode where they attack the hydra base right before Ultron was amazing, Daisy's fight scene was one of the best in the show.

Guardians of the Galaxy

I loved this movie sososo much. It was such a breath of fresh air for marvel, and superhero movies in general. It's campy, self aware, but still brilliant. They did a great job with character development and plot development while introducing a big plot point for the overall story infinity stone. Benicio del toro was also amazing as the Collector, sorta menacing, but very strange. ALSO THIS EASILY HAD ONE OF THE BEST SOUNDTRACKS OF ANY SUPERHERO MOVIE. I listen to it all of them.

Daredevil Season 1

This is easily the best of the tv shows yet. I love how Matt is just so to the point, and in both of his careers he's an absolute badass. The relationships between Matt, Foggy, and Karen as well as the side relationship between Matt and Claire. But probably the best part was Fisk. He was perfectly cast, and played the role absolutely perfectly. I also love how they set him up to be the villain in the future. The fights were so well coordinated.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Some people didn't love volume 2 that much, but I actually thought it was one of the best #2 movies of any of them. I loved how they developed Rocket into this very vulnerable character and the parallel they drew with Yondu was brilliant. I also thought it was great how Yondu was both a villain and a hero in this. With Yondu as a father figure to Quill and Yondu's similarity to Rocket, I'm excited to see how that dynamic plays out in the next films. The use of Ego, quill's father as the villain was great, and made better by using the idea of father figures to mirror the hatred that Gamora and Nebula feel. Oh and their relationship was also really interesting to see unfold. And on top of all of that they managed to squeeze in the Sovereign as another villain, and they're setting themselves up to be in the next guardians movie. Also they had an unbelievable soundtrack too.

Jessica Jones Season 1

Jessica Jones to me was more about Killgrave than anything. He was just so goddamn devious and evil. I was incredibely impressed by David Tennant's acting abilities to just really make you hate him. Jessica was good, but her best parts were about the way she dealt with trauma and anxiety. I thought it was great noir filming though.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron isn't seen by the community as that great, but I thought it was really well done. I think the most important part of the movie was the trust between the characters. Seeing the cracks unfold between Tony and Steve was really important. In addition to that, seeing how Tony's goal is to protect the world via Ultron is really important to understanding what's going to happen in Civil War. I think ultron as a villain was ehhh, but his role overall was important. I also like how they introduced Klaue, and how Ultron accidentally cut off his arm.

WHIH Ant-Man relevant things

I loved these little ant-man tie ins! Seeing paul rudd doing his thing; stealing the cars, standing up for the little guy, joking around, not taking any one else's crap. I always love seeing these tie in things to be part of the greater MCU.


I loved the tone set by this movie, with the heist aspects. Luis was also SO amazing, and using his voice-over as a story telling mechanism to recreate the heist trope was great. I also thought the use of Pym as a mentor was a great way to shadow the use of mentors in the past I.E. Iron Man and Captain America (though I'm glad they didn't kill off Hank.) I thought the thing that Hank and Hope's relationship felt a bit shoe-horned, but maybe that was because they were really bad at pretending they weren't on the same side. Overall though, I really liked Ant-Man as a character.

Daredevil Season 2

I LOVED THIS SEASON SO MUCH. I really loved the Punisher, and his use as a philosophical counter to Daredevil. I actually think that their conversations (in some cases) were better than their fight scenes. That's definitely saying a lot given that their fight scenes were so good. I also am so excited to see how Fisk is going to play a role in the Defenders universe in general. I also forgot how good elektra was in this; as a love interest she was great but also as a way to create more tension between Daredevil and Stick. Also creating both distance and more love between Foggy, Matt, and Karen was really moving.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3

This season was way better in quality. I normally don't like how shows just keep reviving characters, but in this case they earned it because Ward is SUCH a messed up character. Also Simmons and Fitz always makes me so sad to see how Fitz is such a great guy but the world just doesn't let them be together, until such a sweet moment towards the end of the season. You could also tell that the acting, and the quality of the special effects got much better this season. In addition to that I think they're getting better at creating villains and killing off characters, creating real moments of angst.

Luke Cage Season 1

People hate on this show way too much. I really enjoyed it for its amazing soundtrack, great fight scenes, twists/ turns, and thrills. I thought the way they used Cottonmouth and Mariah as two sides of the criminal coin was really cool. I thought Diamondback was good, but could have been done a bit better. It's hard to do a show with so many villains each with weird roles in the grand scheme of things, but I guess that's what made the show really interesting; it was as much about the villains as it was about the hero.

WHIH Civil War relevant things

Eh, didn't love these. Thought they were too cheesy. Though I did like seeing president ellis talk about the role the avengers should play. I think it would have been better if they brought in a 'panel' on the show of random side characters we've seen before to talk about the accords/ the role the avengers should play.

Captain America: Civil War

I absolutely loved Civil War for tons of reasons. I think the way they set you up to think that Zemo was going to try and kill off different members of the avengers was brilliant, but what was even better was the fact that everyone fell into his ploy to split them up. Zemo delivered some killer lines too – "a government destroyed within can't build back up." The way they introduced Wakanda, and the black panther was also really cool; setting up the plot for his standalone movie. Another part I loved was bringing Spiderman into the plot in the BEST possible way. The last thing I wanted was another spiderman origin story. Just throwing him into the story was amazing, especially under the guise of Tony.

I haven't even gotten to how well the split between Steve and Tony was setup. Rewatching all of the other films leading up to this was especially eye-opening into how much tony and steve mess around with each other and are often at odds. Thinking back to ultron they have playful moments like where Tony makes fun of Cap saying "language." But they also have real tension when Tony is creating the Vision. Seeing that brought to the next level through the Zemo and Bucky was perfect. My favorite interaction between them has got to be "he's my best friend" - Steve ... "so was I" - Tony. Because that's the moment it was for sure over.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4

This season was quite the fricken' rollercoaster. We start off with the introduction of Mace, which was kinda interesting, but also very strange. It felt a bit like he was shoehorned into the plot at first, until it started to make sense why he was there. Looking back at the whole season, I see the use of Eli Morrow, but in the moment I was really tired of his whole subplot. He was needed as an element to introduce the darkhold, and eventually AIDA. He was also used to introduce Ghost Rider, which was AMAZING, I really hope we see him again in season 5, cause damn was he badass. AIDA and Radcliffe though really stole the show with all the levels of trickery going on there. It was so refreshing to be confused during the show, and to not be able to predict what was going to happen next. In many ways I actually liked the portrayal of AI via AIDA more than via ultron, because it showed that even a calculated approach can go haywire very quickly in that world. I think my least favorite part of the season was the ending with AIDA getting killed by coulson, I think it would have felt a bit more poetic if it had been fitz who ultimately killed her. OH and that reminds me the bit between Fitz's LMD and Jemma was so amazing because you could just see the emotion that both characters were putting into the role. UGH and Mack's daughter was a really great addition to humanize that fake world, and his decisions. This was probably the best season yet in acting, plot, CGI, etc.

Iron Fist Season 1

I go back and forth about my feelings on this show. Danny Rand was the worst character in the whole show, but everyone around him was pretty great. I loved the meachums, especially Ward. I mean Ward definitely stole the show for me, and made a lot of it very worth it. Back to Danny, it felt like they couldn't really choose a direction with him, and not in the "oh he's new to this world he didn't have direction" kind of way, more in the "let's change his motives every episode randomly" kind of way. The writing and dialogue was sloppy, and what's worse is that the moments that could have been really great – Colleen's actually a member of the Hand, Davos's introduction as a friend and then his feeling of betrayal, and Harold's betrayal – all felt insignificant and kind of ehhh. I think this was all mainly because Danny was poorly written or because they cared more about telling and not really showing.

Doctor Strange

I thought doctor strange was great, but a bit too generic now. The visuals were CRAZY and that was really fun, but I think the plot of there being a stubborn person who gets taught by a master and then the teacher dies is a bit played out (see Iron Man, Captain America, GOTG 2). Also the villain was good, but still the one-off villain problem definitely exists, and Mads Mikkelsen didn't come off as too menacing. I think their timeline was a bit too short too, it would have been useful to see Strange train longer. I think my favorite part of the movie was the end where Strange just outsmarted Dormammu, and comes back as a BADASS sorcerer supreme. I'm excited for the next Doctor Strange movie with Mordo though, because that's gonna be a really interesting plot.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spiderman is one of my favorite Marvel movies to this day. It was a refreshing change up from all of the past Spiderman movies, and it did an AMAZING job of portraying Peter Parker as a high schooler in this day and age. He wasn't grungy like Maguire's spiderman, he wasn't unbelievably a nerd like Garfield's spiderman, he was understandably geeky and uncool. Peter in this movie was a kid, and it was more of a coming of age story than anything where he really matured throughout the whole movie. His friends were also great; loved Ned so much. AH and Michael Keaton as Toomes was perfect! I remember seeing this in theatre's and realizing that was Liz's dad literally 3 seconds before Peter opened the door to his house. The audience literally gasped all together, it was crazy. I also like how Tony mirrored a father figure in the movie, and he knew it too. It all just felt so perfect the rational behind all of the character decisions; Tony not wanting Peter to die on his hands, and Peter feeling like he can do anything.

The Defenders Season 1

The Defenders had so much potential to be AMAZING, but I think even though I had so much hype for the show it didn't meet it. I think they got all of the character interactions correct, seeing how luke interacted with danny and jessica interacting with Matt felt perfect. The problem was the villains. The Hand had been made out to be this CRAZY powerful organization, yet four people could beat them? The largest battle was with like 30 people, yet the leaders kept talking about they had ARMIES. I felt like they just missed an opportunity to really make the Hand out to be crazy scary. The problem with the show was that it was more telling than showing. We didn't see the chaste being wiped out, only the aftermath. We didn't see the events in the past that the Hand orchestrated, only heard. They barely explained what a black sky is, and now you have elektra back from the dead. Elektra was the only part of the hand that made sense to me, especially given her relationship with Matt. They definitely just lost a bit chance to have potentially one of the best villain plotlines, especially with SIGOURNEY WEAVER. I would have loved to see some badassery from her, but nothing :( I have hope that the season of the defenders is going to be about Fisk fucking stuff up which would be amazing because he is truly a terrifying villain.


This was one of the worst shows ever. I couldn't believe how bad it was. It was like everytime they had a chance to fix it, they made it worse. Like way worse. Each of the character relationships made no sense, plot decisions made no sense, and it wasn't like they were trying to make it like they that. I wouldn't recommend this show to any person... ever.

Thor: Ragnarok

I loved this movie! Such great design, and color scheme, plus they did a great job of changing Thor's character in a way that made so much sense, while also making Loki a better character. I just love how connected this movie felt to the greater universe. I thought that there may have been too much comedy at some points, but it was still very tasteful. I thought Hela was a really good villain too, showing her destruction was really well done. Also Hela killing the warriors three was particularly sad for me, because I really loved them, and thought it would have been cool for them to show up in infinity war, because they're amazing warriors.

The Punisher Season 1

I thought this show was really well done, and pretty timely when it comes to the gun control debate. But beyond the political discourse in the show, Jon Bernthal is a true badass in the show, and is a perfect punisher. I really liked the way they portrayed his moral compass. I thought Madhani was okay, but Billy Russo was DOPE! He did such an amazing job of being this dubious chraracter that betrayed everyone while still following his own story. I'm excited to see if he shows up again in the MCU soon. Also excited to see what they do for Season 2.

Runaways Season 1

This was a really interesting show for tons of reasons. It felt very unlike most shows, not just the MCU, but every tv show. The show followed a very strange structure; acting more like a drama-mystery. I thought it was really well done though, and the child actors did a great job. I'm excited to see what happens next season. That being said, I was really suprised there were no mentions of anything else in the MCU, all in all it felt very disconnected and I wonder if it's ever going to be part of it.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5

(The season isn't over yet so I'm just going to write about what I've seen so far.)

So far this season is a fricken' rollarcoaster. There's not a moment that goes by that something batshit doesn't happen. The thing about it is, is that it feels coherent, and I really like it. The entire plot of time travel and space travel is really interesting and well done. I like how I always feel a sense of not knowing what happening, it's a real change in what AOS has felt like in the past. Even the hydra subplot in this is really cool, and feels like it may tie in to Infinity War. I also think that Fitzsimmons is taken to a new level that's crazy cool with Diek being their grandson. Fitz's mental health is also really depressing and well done, and I like how Simmons is dealing with it.

Black Panther

I thought Black Panther was an amazing movie. It was a breath of fresh air for marvel movies, especially given that many marvel villains can be pretty one dimensional. Killmonger was absolutely perfect though. I thought he was not only a great villain, but everything about him was understable, all of his actions given the context of America made a lot of sense. Shuri was also perfect. Oh and the first time that I saw it, I remember being very nervous during many of the fight scenes, like fuck this is real, T'Challa is in some real danger here.

Jessica Jones Season 2

I thought this season of jessica jones was bad. Like really not so great. The writing was sloopy, the acting was meh, and the plot was pretty bland. I thought overall this was a lowpoint for the netflix MCU shows. It just felt like it didn't belong and the plot was forced. I was bummed that they killed off Will Simpson in one of the first episodes. Jessica wasn't that bad herself, but Trish was really terrible and Jessica's mother was really bad as well. I feel like what could have made this season better was simply a little bit more of a focused plot and some better acting. Jessica's transformation from grungy into depressed alcoholic like she is now was really enthralling though. They did set up Trish pretty well though as the villain for the next season, and I think that's going to be very interesting.