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DS 4100 Week 7 Review

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    Jacob Aronoff

DS 4100 Weekly Review

This week has been pretty relaxed, I enjoyed getting to work more and more on databases. It's really fun to script for databases. R is not usually enjoyable, but actually I really liked the ability to quickly do this assignment. It turns out that R is good at doing these kinds of quick scripts where you dont have to care about types. When I was programming this time around it felt way more like programming in Python, which obviously, I enjoy a lot. As i think more and more about what I want to do as a career, I'm beggining to narrow down my options tothe thinks I really love.

This weekend, I talked with a couple of very passionate entrepreneuers who are starting a company that does artificial intelligence for contract review. It was great to meet with people who are really passionate about an idea. As I was talking with them, I began to think more and more about what I could do with/ for them. I'm really interested in collecting, analyzing, viewing, and storing analytic data. I'm really interested in how users can use a platform, and how a company can get data from their users to make better decisions about their product. A possible choice for my final data science project would be to make an analytics dashboard for different companies to send and store their data. The platform can combine and visualize their data in one place. Eventually, it would be interesting to add a machine learning component to the platform.

Here's how I would build it: begin by creating multiple microservices for each possible data source. The user can then plug in their different services which go to one data center that can then be visualized and analyzed. This product would invaluable to new startups who can't pay for a data scientist, or product manager. This would also be useful for clubs, and smaller companies who don't need to hire another person. I'm definetly going to look into both this idea, and my reddit idea. Either way, i'd be excited to look into it.