Jacob Aronoff
| (617) 645-6573 | 1313 Washington St, Apartment 215, Boston, Massachusetts, 02118
Northeastern University, College of Computer and Information Science 2016-08 — 2020-08
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, GPA: 3.6/4.0 Cum laude, Dean's list, CCIS Fellow
  • CS 3700 - Networks and Distributed Systems
  • DS 4400 - Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • CS 4400 - Programming Languages
Lightstep, Staff Sofware Engineer 2021-09 — Present
Boston, Massachusetts
  • Migrated entire infrastructure from Statsd and OpenTracing to OpenTelemetry with zero downtime
  • Collaborated with senior leadership to create a 24-month team roadmap
  • Pioneered the company's Prometheus and Kubernetes data acquisition strategy
  • Led a team of 12 as tech lead across a range of projects to improve data onboarding
  • Contributed to the OpenTelemetry-Operator to improve the scaling capabilities of the collector
Drift, Site Reliability Engineer 2019-01 — 2021-07
Boston, Massachusetts
  • Led the effort to migrate Drift from ECS to Kubernetes
  • Implemented the backend for the new Prospector tool for Drift
  • Migrated Drift's core chat infrastructure, which handles ~2 million simultaneous websocket connections, to Kubernetes with zero downtime
  • Designed Drift's game day process for reliability engineering, running multiple game days
Datadog, Sofware Engineer 2017-05 — 2018-07
New York City, New York
  • Built a service that handles millions of requests per day
  • Migrated a major pipeline dependency to an autoscaling group, using Kafka 10 for load balancing
  • Generated the first Swift mobile library for the Datadog API, called SwiftDog
Backend Development: Python, Java, Go, Elixir
Devops: AWS, Kubernetes, Istio, ArgoCD, Argo, Terraform
App Development: Swift, Java, Kotlin, React Native
Frameworks: Dropwizard, Flask, Phoenix, Django, React
Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Postgres, ElasticSearch
HackNY, Director of Events 2018-05 — Present
  • Plan and run the annual hackNY hackathon, the first collegiete hackathon
  • Organized volunteers and mentors to assist in the production of the event
  • Coordinated an event for 250+ students
  • Solicited sponsors for the event
English (Native) , Hebrew (Beginner) , Chinese (Mandarin) (Beginner) , German (Beginner)
Cooking, Baking, Photography, Fermentation