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How to launch a BlueSky PDS on AWS

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    Jacob Aronoff

Like me, you may have been very excited and eager to run your own bluesky PDS.

Doing it right now is a bit of a manual process, but not all too terrible!

I wrote a small bit of terraform that you can use too :)


Clone the repo

Clone this repo.

You can learn more about cloning here

Create your variables file

In terminal, clone the repo locally

cd pds-tf
# generate RSA keypair if you don't have one
ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096
echo "key_pair_name=\"test\"\npublic_key=\"$(cat ~/.ssh/\"\n" >

Apply the code

Assuming you've already authed to AWS...

terraform apply

Setup the records

While your instance boots, you should have a new static IP address (found in your AWS console).

Be sure to update the records for your domain per the PDS docs:

NAME                TYPE   VALUE
----                ----   -----         A      <ipaddress>
*       A      <ipaddress>

Once you've completed this, you may need to restart your instance.

Confirm it works

After a few minutes, you should be able to curl your domain's health endpoint

curl -v

SSH to run admin commands

Once your PDS is up and healthy, you can SSH into your instance to run commands:

ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa ubuntu@<ipaddress>
sudo pdsadmin list


  • You may find no running PDS, in this case SSH into the instance and manually run the setup
  • PDSadmin commands 404'ing. This is a known issue maybe bump this issue?