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Joining Drift

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    Jacob Aronoff

Life Update

Last month, I made the decision to join Drift full time as a software engineer beginning in 2020. I've been working at Drift since January 2019 as an engineer for the reliability team, working on a multitude of projects related to making the company's infrastructure more... well... reliable. I'm excited to begin working part time, however, in the fall where I'm going to be moving over to the chat team. Working at Drift has been a lot of fun, I've gotten to implement a lot of what I learned at Datadog. It's been very enlightening to be on the team that utilizes a monitoring tool instead of building one, I'm very lucky to have learned some monitoring best practices from the people who set the standards... plenty to keep learning though!

This Summer

I'm going to be heading to Munich in a week from now where I'll be taking computer science courses through Northeastern's Dialogue program. I'm eager to be able to explore a new city less as a tourist and more as a resident, though I'm sure a month won't be enough time at all. After the program is over, a friend and I are going to be going around Europe to Bern, Genoa, Madrid, Paris, and Copenhagen. In Copenhagen, I'll be heading to Noma which I could not be more excited to experience their vegetable season menu filled with fermented vegetables.

New Blog

If you couldn't tell already, this is a newly redesigned blog! You probably didn't know that, because most of my blog is used as a place to write random thoughts & tutorials. With this redesign, I hope to start blogging more now. I say that basically every year though, I literally have a post titled New Year More Blogging where I said:

This year Iā€™m planning on blogging way more than I have in the past with a bunch of updates to come.

I really did a great job keeping up with that šŸ˜…

This time, I really want to force myself to do it, especially as I enter my final year in college. I would like to be able to look back in 20 years and have a concrete record of my thoughts and experiences of this time. Once I return to Drift in the fall, I'm going to be working on a new project, and I plan to be writing some blog posts on either this blog or their blog about what I'm working.


If you have any questions about how I made my decision to go to full time at Drift, Drift itself, my life, my travelling, or anything else, shoot me an email here