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HackNY Week 10

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    Jacob Aronoff

HackNY Week 10

This was the last week of HackNY and I am so sad to be leaving. I had such an amazing summer and I wish that I got to spend more time with the other fellows. I'm planning on coming back to NYC for most of the alumni events and the hackathon in the fall. Hopefully, most of the fellows from my class will be there! My last week at DataDog was also great; I finally pushed out my code to all of our customers. The service now deals with 2+ million requests a day and should be able to handle 5-10x that amount with ease! I loved working at Datadog and hope to go back there very very soon.

Tech Talk 16: Gary Chou

Today, Gary talked to us about his journey in startup land and trying to understand more about what he wants to do in life. His talk was at Datadog headquarters, and I loved being able to share the office with all the other fellows. Gary's talk was very inspirational; he talked about how important it is to do what you love and find ways to integrate that with your career. He also talked about the importance of sharing the things you do on either social media, email, or even just with friends. He showed how the combined efforts of programmers through things like google docs and github can make real change. His point was the importance of networks, and how leveraging them properly can be useful.

Eric's Ice Cream Workshop

Today, Eric taught us how to make ice cream, which I loved. The recipe is one that eric learned when he worked at Ample Hills. He taught me the basics of making ice cream and let me use the machine again for a couple days later. Since then, I bought all the things I needed in order to make it myself at home, and it tastes great!!!

Tech Talk 17: Stephanie Yang

Stephanie Yang, a member of the data science team at Foursquare, gave us a technical talk about data science at her company. The talk was very interesting and it was cool to see some of the visualizations and techniques they use to make their app more advanced. Things like passive and active check ins they use to get better reviews and other information for businesses. I loved their 3d visualizations for businesses in new york, and they way the they train their data sets is incredibely cool.

Demo Night

If you're interested to see my presentation here it is link

It was great seeing what everyone did on demo night, especially what Bethany did at Giphy!

Sean's end of the summer video was absolutely amazing and still makes me tear up. link

Soundtrack for the Week

Malibu - Anderson Paak

The Good Fight - Oddisee