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HackNY Week 8

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    Jacob Aronoff

HackNY Week 8

This week, although I deployed to prod. I had to deal a lot with the operations and bugs inside of my system. Because I was dealing with hundreds of thousands of more requests, many bugs popped up. This included tracking through a bug that took me and my boss 5 hours to figure out. Although it was really annoying, I loved debugging and really having a deeper understanding of what I was doing. It was cool to see how my service indirecetly brought to light many bugs in our system.

Tech Talk 13: Laurie Segall

Today, Laurie Segall of the CNN show Almost Human, a show that takes a look at the modern day twilight zone/ black mirror esque events happening in our world today, talked to us about the important role that technology plays in our media and our society. She described to us her role in the show and at CNN, telling us about some of the interviews she's conducted; Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, etc. It was cool to hear some of her failures as a journalist when she was following a story, as well as some of her best successes; when things went so well that it actually made change.

Tech Talk 14: Union Square Ventures

Today, USV, a very succesful NYC based VC fund talked to us about what they do, and their experience in tech VC. It was interesting to hear a perspective other than my fathers, similarly I heard a lot of my dad's sentiment about the importance of NYC reflected in their talk. I learned a lot about their approach to VC; creating theories around what's going to happen in the future, rather than what's happening currently, and actively seeking technologies in future spaces.

Chris's Bike Tour

Using free CitiBike credit from a HackNY fellow, we went around NYC on bikes with Chris who gave us a history of downtown (chelsea, tribeca, financial distrcit, etc.) My favorite part of the ride was riding along the east river because there was a great breeze (otherwise the weather was sweltering.)

Flushing NYC

Some friends and I went to Flushing NYC, basically like OG chinatown and had some of the best chinese food of my life. We went to 5 different restaurants and I spent a total of $25 dollars for whole meals at each place. It didn't even feel like I was in America anymore while I went around. Very few people and store front's had signs in English. Here's what we had:

  1. Duck Buns
  2. Wontons
  3. Dumplings
  4. Korean fried chicken
  5. Tea and crepe cakes

Soundtrack for the Week

Blonde - Frank Ocean

Take Me to Your Leader - King Geedorah