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HackNY Week 6

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    Jacob Aronoff

HackNY Week 6

This week I finally got my service deployed and working today! after weeks of ops and annoying bugs, my service is working and sending metrics to DD. Friday night, I went out with many people from work and we bonded over some great KBBQ. In addition to that, this past weekend my friends and I went to an amazing jazz show (Tom Harrell) at the vanguard. I loved seeing a living jazz legend play. We also just had an amazing night in NYC hanging out.

Tech Talk 10: Leslie Martinez and Rapi Castillo

Today's talk was about open source political movements, and building tools to help political compaigns with transparency and cost effectiveness. The effort being made is completely grass roots, and has spread throughout the country. Many movements like the women's march and the immigrant marches have been coordinated with the tools made by these open source programmers. After reading Cathy O'Neil's book, however, I feel there are so many things that need to change in politics before these tools really become useful. While the effort is important, we should focus on keeping user data private, and regulating algorithms that target the disadvantaged.

My Swift Workshop

I gave my swift workshop on teaching the basics of the language and building up the concept that people should know in order to really use the language properly. If you're interested in that check out my tutorial series. For this series, however, I used one of my favorite websites Learn X in Y. The website does a great job of showing you just the language, and nothing more. Very useful for comparing language features to each other.

AlumNY Mixer

We had a great mixer on friday where we got to meet a bunch of members of the HackNY alumni community. I got to talk to a bunch of different people who are very active around the NY tech scene. I had a great conversation with one alumni who's been doing freelance contracting after taking a year off traveling the world with his friends. Definetly something I'd be interested in doing in the near future.

Soundtrack for the week

Space is the Place - Sun Ra

The Iceberg - Oddisee

You're Dead - Flying Lotus