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HackNY Week 3

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    Jacob Aronoff

HackNY Week 3

This was a great week because i made a lot of progress on my technical project for DataDog, while I can't write about here (NDA's and all) I can talk about how well its going! I've been figuring their system out more and more, and after working on a couple of bugs I was finally able to begin my project. THe project consists of doing things involving their data pipeline, and I love getting to work with so much data! Now onto the week:

Tech Talk 4: Chris Wiggins and Evan Korth

Today we got to talk to the founders of HackNY! Chris wiggins, the chief data scientist at the new york times and a professor at Columbia University, and Evan Korth, a professor at NYU who's very prominent in the NYC startup community. 8 years ago they founded HackNY to foster the startup community in NYC by bringing in passionate college students to work at the top companies. Both Chris and Evan love NYC and hope that each of the fellows decides to work here, or at least wants to help the NYC community grow. It's made me think more about the community in Boston and the lack thereof of this kind of community. I think a project for me for next semester is going to be grow the community. I've been talking with a couple people about my idea for this community

Tech Talk 5: Cathy O'Neil

This was my favorite talk thus far, I absolutely love cathy O neil. She is the author of Weapons of Math Destruction. Seriously, go buy the book, you wont be disappointed. Basically it's about the dangerous nature of different algorithms that run our lives. She is a very outspoken voice, and quite honestly one that we need to hear more of. In the past years and in the very close future, more and more of the algorithms that make important decisions have been/ will be left unchecked. It was interesting to hear her thoughts on many of the things that have gone wrong in recent years and steps we should be taking to prevent algorithms from having no oversight. I'm excited to finish her book, as i love learning more abotu the current issues in america and around the world. Definetly, I've focused too much recently on finding solutions to problems without thinking about the ethics of those solutions.

Trip to Boston and a Reflection

On thursday I went back home where I got to catch up with friends, reminisce and relax, which has been long overdue. I think recently I've been working too hard, and haven't given myself anytime to do things that i love. I definetly need to focus more on side projects that i'm passionate about.

Soundtrack for the week

Operation Doomsday - MF DOOM

Anderson Paak Tiny Desk - Anderson Paak

Run the Jewels 3 - Vulfpeck

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