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DS 4100 Week 11 Review

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    Jacob Aronoff

DS 4100 Weekly Review

This week I begin my project for my data science class. As my project proposal says, I'm going to be doing collaborative filtering on a large reddit data set to determine other communities a user may like. I think this could be a really fun project that I'd be excited to share with the reddit community. I'm excited to get started on the project, and I think i'll begin working on it this week. First things first, find a large reddit data set that has enough information to analyze.

Next, I need to upload that to a remote database. I think that while i'm doing that I should also set up a server for the frontend. I've been reading a lot into graphQL and I'm eager to connect that to my RDBMS. In addition to that assignment, this week we're also learning Python, which i luckily already know. I'd be totally willing to help my classmates learn the language. It's such a fun and easy language to pick up, I'm glad I'll be able to use that on my next couple of assignments.

This is going to be a short post because I've been researching a lot for my project. I'll be updating my blog as i keep researching.