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DS 4100 Week 6 Review

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    Jacob Aronoff

DS 4100 Weekly Review

This week I was very excited to update my scraper for more functionality. Beyond that I focused more on turning this into a full on project. I'm looking into more permanent solutions for what im trying to do. Definetly when I start my project I'll need to have this basic stack:

  • RedditAPI for python
  • Dedicated AWS/ DigitalOcean hosting
  • Probably a relational database for storage
  • Redis for key value caching
  • React front end with d3 for the vis

Maybe I'll rope in someone else to help with my project. I'm terrible with front end development, backend is really where my passion is. I'd also be interested in looking to using graphs in someway to make the project more challenging. Maybe I use graphs to show user relationships in reddit. Seperately, I'd be really interested in making something for connecting many different marketing services for a more data driven marketing platform. By having one place for marketers to store/ view their data. A data scientist could easily generate reports because they have easy access to everything they'd need. This could also be a place for data scientists to store their own reports, to generate more reports.

Beyond just the project, I'd be interested to combine a project from OOD with my data science class. I know an upcoming assignment is going to be writing a music player. It would be cool to also track analytics on user interactions, push that to a database, and have an R/ Python script generating comments based on mistakes in the musicians usage. I have a lot of friends who are musicians at local colleges who would be great at creating a model for practicing.

I was really amazed by the weather this weekend, it was uncharacteristically warm for February. I was so happy to be able to walk outside with no jacket. I was also very surprised I was still able to walk on the ice at the boston commons. The normal high max temp in the boston area is 40º, making yesterday's 60º temperature incredibely strange. Facts like this make it crazier when I hear about people who believe climate change is a myth.

I was excited to learn about databases this week in class, I've worked with a bunch of different databases before and I'm eager to work them again in a new context. Especially as we begin to focus on efficiency more, I want to learn more about writing MySQL caching mechanisms and server side scripting. I'm also ready to learn more about using a NoSQL approach for data analytics. MongoDB is known for it's use on BIG data, and I hope I actually get to use it for that.