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Fourth Mirror Update

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    Jacob Aronoff

Fourth Mirror Update

Hello! This is my fourth post involving my smart mirror project!

Sorry I haven't had a post recently, all of my work last week was non-post related. I've been working on my mirror's software. I've got facial recognition working really well, it can recognize as many faces as there are in a picture with very good accuracy. I've also got finger recognition working well, it's not near as good as facial recognition but its alright.

I've been working on the art components of the project now. The first one is overlaying an image on a face. The easy part was putting the image on a face, the hard part is the transparency. Because the transparency requires a fourth, alpha channel the bitwise image addition cannot be made.

I think I'm going to take a break on the image and work on a different component: randomly generated mazes. Thanks for reading.