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Third Mirror Update

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    Jacob Aronoff

Third Mirror Update

Hello! This is my third post involving my smart mirror project!

All the parts came in last week, and I spent the weekend setting up my raspberry pi with openCV, so that I could do facial recognition.

Using a bunch of tutorials online, I succesfully installed openCV 3 on my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ for python 2.7 AND python 3 1

After openCV was done, I turned my raspberry pi into a git server so I could work on the code on my computer.

First I made a new bash user named 'git'

sudo adduser git

I then gave git the neccesary sudo permissions to do a bunch of operations. Once complete I initialized a bare git repo and set it as the remote of my computer.

mkdir mirror.git && cd mirror.git
git init --bare

git remote add origin git@mirrorpi:/home/git/mirror.git

Once that was complete, I was set up and ready to go with git to make my mirror.